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SJ University

Faculty buildings in Zaragoza

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San Jorge University

New University Campus of the San Jorge University «USJ» in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza).

This campus, located 12 kilometers from the center of Zaragoza, has several buildings and sports facilities, of which the Faculty of Communication and the Rectorate stand out, which were designed by the architecture firm of the then rector Javier Pérez Herreras. Both buildings have an area of ​​almost 10,000 square meters.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences has four floors, and classrooms and workshops have been set up on them, as well as the library, video library and practical class areas such as editing booths, radio recording studios and television sets. In turn, this building houses a Great Hall, cafeteria and different work areas.

For its part, the Rectorate building, with three floors, has classrooms and workshops where classes related to the Pharmacy degree are taught. Currently, this building houses the different departments that manage the general and transversal services of the University, and also has an assembly hall, a chapel, meeting rooms, a cafeteria and three classrooms used for the development of different training activities. , among others the Master’s programs of the University.

The sports campus has two artificial grass soccer fields, a sports hall and an indoor swimming pool. In addition, it houses three tennis courts, six paddle tennis courts, an outdoor sports court, a beach volleyball court, an outdoor pool and a pavilion with fitness and bodybuilding rooms. Regarding parking, its capacity is almost 800 spaces with parking areas for bicycles and a bus stop with a canopy.